Following Boston // S3 05: Fenway Park // Andrea Fanelli

@andreafanelli // I was fortunate enough to meet Andrea in the early days of #FollowingBoston in 2015. His creative mind and kind soul are reserved for a certain few... his photography is a reflection of both. Over the past few years, and on more than one occasion, Andrea has personally filled the creative tank of this project. His belief in my vision to create a “different” kind of community was instrumental in the DNA... because he knew how important is was that the fabric of the #SocialPhotographyExperiment be cut from a specific type of cloth. I am forever grateful for your friendship, support, and most of all... patience... much more to come...

Michael Kalish

-October 2017

Following Boston // S3 04: Faneuil Hall // Akshay Kokil

@a3.14c // Akshay Kokil's photography reminds me of the old masters... a simple elegance that is profoundly subtle with tones that follow you home. Akshay has been a true supporter of the experiment since it began in July 2015. I found it fitting to present his episode on the anniversary. We met in Faneuil Hall, which to many is the heart of the city. Our conversation, like others in the past, was truly memorable. Pure happiness pours from his soul at the mention of Boston's vibrant photography community - as you can see... he's all in. 


Michael Kalish

-June 2017

Following Boston // S3 03: North End // Erin DeFuria

@erinofboston // If you're ever given the opportunity to stroll the North End with Erin DeFuria, I highly recommend it. Erin's love of the city and the inspiration she receives from it is reflected in her photography... consistently surprising with her range. A true artist totally in control of her imagery. Her tones move between sharp and soft in beautiful ways. She documents Boston with the best in town, and always has fun. With all that, she's still one of the most accessible people I've met in the community. Her dedication and participation in our social photography experiment has taken us to new heights... excited to see what's to come...

Michael Kalish

-May 2017

Following Boston // S3 02: Downtown Crossing // Juan Murray

@juanrealestate // We're quickly approaching the Following Boston 2 year anniversary, and not until this very episode was I able to define the creative freedom I find in photography. "State of Flow"... he said with such intense clarity. Juan Murray is that type of guy. He's the king of black and white photography around here. Juan's imagery is a true extension of his impeccable instincts... so effortless and cool. He's the bar set just out of reach, but it's visibility gives you hope that maybe one day you can achieve such greatness. Juan's support for this project is affirmation to me of its success. His friendship is something that can't be measured. Keep on flowing!

Michael Kalish

-April 2017

Following Boston // S3 01: Beacon Hill // Saili Kline

@ddskline // Each season I begin a new journey into the heart of Boston's social photography scene. I pay close attention to the subtle shifts in styles. These observations are the "findings" of this project, the nuggets of truth that fall along the way. To be honest, its an embarrassment of riches. So on a cold February Saturday morning, in lovely Beacon Hill, we spoke with one of everybody's favorite photographers, Saili Kline. Much like you, her work inspires me daily. I was pleasantly surprised to find out she's also never satisfied with the work. That being said, she's locked into a signature style and there's no turning back. Her textures are rich and sincere. You know a @ddskline image when you see it... and that's what its all about.

Michael Kalish

-March 2017

Following Boston // S2 07: Chinatown // James Berkeley

@raw_notions // James's photography is a direct reflection of his character... raw and real... pure awesomeness. He once showed me a photographer he admired and one day hoped to achieve the same level of artistry. I was of course impressed, but immediately told him, "stop chasing, you're already there." His portraits are his most personal work yet, painfully subtle and provocative. I can't figure out if he's creating the tones, or the tones creating him. His evolution in the medium is unstoppable... just glad we got him before everyone does.

Michael Kalish

-October 2016

Following Boston // S2 06: Boston Public Garden // Sally Cooper

@sallycooperphotography // Sally's love for the community is transparent. She was one of the first people to express interest in the Following Boston movement, and her support throughout the project has been invaluable. Little did I know, less than a year later she would be hosting her own episode. She is the moderator of many fine feeds, and her passion for photography is infectious. Over the past few months her personal images have reached the next level. Sally takes the viewer along as she searches for the next source of wonder and surprise... and we can't wait to see what she discovers next.

Michael Kalish

-September 2016

Following Boston // S2 05: Brighton // Greg Dubois

@greg_dubois // Greg strives for excellence, often exceeding in the eyes of the community. With the kind soul of an artist, and brilliant mind of a philosopher, he's a beast behind the lens... a meticulous surgeon. When Greg discusses technique... I think to myself... I could literally do an entire season - just on him. I've learned so much from Greg, mainly, I have a long way to go... then again... don't we all?

Michael Kalish

-August 2016

Following Boston // S2 04: East Boston // Joy Clark

@eastcoastwestcoast72 // Joy's photography reminds me of her passion for life - consistent and strong. I've throughly enjoyed our conversations on modern day photography. I was humbled when she accepted my offer to be part of the Following Boston movement. Joy recently buckled down, did her homework, and it shows in the work. She has truly earned the respect of the community she loves. Over the past year, I've watched Joy develop into a professional photographer... and l have a feeling she's just getting started.

Michael Kalish

-July 2016

Following Boston // S2 03: Charles River // Curtis Reid

@wcrphotos // Recently I was driving along the Charles River and I noticed a sunset so incredible, I had to pull over to photograph it. As I made my way down to the dock, I saw another photographer already set-up in a prime spot, ready to capture the intense beauty. That person was Curtis Reid. Our conversation confirmed how tight and creative the local photography community actually is. Curtis, or "Sunset Curtis", as he's known around town, produces images that are truly personal, a direct extension of his vision flows through the tool of choice… a true artist, and great guy. 

Michael Kalish

-June 2016

This episode is dedicated to the continued commitment of @igersboston & @igboston

Following Boston // S2 02: M.I.T. // Kiana Gibson

@kiana29 // Kiana has been one of the strongest supporters of Following Boston's documentary series since it launched last summer. Her continued enthusiasm for the local photography community is unmatched. Her ability to connect with others, via her camera, or in person, is really something special. Kiana's creativity is fueled by her playful curiosity for a truly authentic experience. Her images portray the city we all love in way that is very familiar. I'm so glad to have collaborated with her on this project, and even more so, honored to call her my friend.

Michael Kalish

-May 2016

Following Boston // S2 01: Seaport District // Chris Rocco

@chrisrocco // Chris Rocco has captured the attention of Boston with his futuristic photography style. His talent is undeniable. My interview with him has left an everlasting impression on me. His energy is exactly why I do this. His images are fresh and fearless. Chris shoots with crystal clear intent while leaving space for surprise. I can't imagine how many other photographers have been inspired to try an elevated shot because of him. I also couldn't think of a better way to introduce our second season.

On with the show...

Michael Kalish

-April 2016

Following Boston // S1 06: South End // Jules Lesinski

@scarletroots // When I began this social photography experiment in July 2015, I envisioned closing our first season of Following Boston with Jules Lesinski. I am beyond thrilled she accepted the invitation. Her images evoke a dream-like quality; with a cinematic elegance that is truly timeless… her tones are searing and unforgettable. After chatting with Jules in the lovely setting of the South End of Boston, I realized her images are a direct reflection of her playful curiosity… refreshing and full of discovery. She inspires me to get in a car and travel to new locations… meet new people… and of course… take more photos!

Much more to come…

Michael Kalish

-March 2016

Following Boston // S1 05: East Boston // Danyson “Dee” Tavares

@nerdee // Danyson "Dee" Tavares has far too much humble modesty to have answered my first question, “how did you get so good-so fast?” I didn’t really need one, and certainly not after spending time with him and hearing his thoughts on modern day photography and the people in it – it’s therapeutic. His creativity fearlessly flows in all directions, as does his passion for the very things that fuel it. Dee creates and releases according to mood and works in series… his smooth city tones are some of the best out there. Dee is also funny as hell. I am honored to add his stamp to a project close to my heart.

Much love and respect.

Michael Kalish

-February 2016

Following Boston // S1 04: Porter Square Station // Kathryn Riley

@K_H_R // Kathryn’s photography is exhilarating… as is her unmatched passion for the medium. Her tones are deafening and effortless. Her skills are clean and constantly evolving like a top shelf professional... and we still haven’t scratched the surface on how she does it… we just know it’s fun to watch. I especially admire her ability to adapt to different surroundings on the fly. Kathryn's love for the community and the photographers in it are why we do it… because we know… somewhere… she’s watching… keeping us honest.

-Michael Kalish

January 2016

Following Boston // S1 03: Chinatown // Evan Beauvais

@ebeauv14 // This project would not have been complete without Evan's infectious love of the city and it’s culture. In addition to being a really cool guy - Evan is a visionary. He’s one of those unique photographers that have the ability to “take you there”. The images are breathing life. He creates a fully realized world allowing the viewers to loose themselves completely. His fearless ability to balance total darkness with a sliver of light, usually emitting from the human spirit, always amazes me. I had a blast following Evan through Chinatown and hope to do it again soon... hell... I would follow him anywhere.

-Michael Kalish

December 2015

Following Boston // S1 02: Financial District // Ann Jiang

@ann.jpeg // Say the words, “street photographer”, and I think of Ann. I was thrilled when she agreed to participate in Following Boston over the summer 2015. I constantly find myself returning to her IG feed for inspiration and surprise. Ann herself is a joy. She is as comfortable and accessible as her photographs. Yet, she can capture some of the most hauntingly honest images I have ever seen… one of her recent portraits comes to mind. However, it is her love of architecture, light, mood, and people that continue to surprise and keep me coming back for more...

-Michael Kalish

November 2015

Following Boston // S1 01: North Point Park // Oscar Alvarez

@oscarealverez // In all sincerity, I can’t recall where I met Oscar... I’m just glad I did. It was Oscar’s overwhelmingly positive outlook on the Boston social photography community that encouraged me to dive head first into this interview project. Oscar was one of the first candidates to respond to Following Boston. He understood, or pretended to understand, my vision of capturing a slice... or slices... of behind the scenes moments or “thought process shorts” with local street photographers. His dedication to connecting with others via his lens, online hubs, or those who know him, is truly inspirational. He's also a ridiculously talented photographer and even better friend.

So for that I say cheers to Oscar, the pilot… sail on... enjoy the show!

-Michael Kalish

October 2015

Produced by Michael Kalish