Following Boston


”Land of Nod”
Produced by Michael Kalish

“Following” Producer, Michael Kalish

The definition of what it means to be a “photographer” has dramatically changed over the past few years. It’s no longer reserved for those who just shoot film, or receive a paycheck to do so. Social media was largely responsible for this shift in how people view the medium and photographers. Once Instagram was solidified as a social media giant, it became a running joke that its users were actual “photographers.” The term “social photographer” grew from this skepticism, and used to identify those who were incredibly talented and possessed the ability to tell stories with their images. This was the major catalyst for Producer Michael Kalish, in creating the “Following Boston” documentary film series that launched summer 2015, and is now live in 10 US cities with more to come.

Following Boston... Great Photography.
— Nikki Sixx / Motley Crue

Leveraging Instagram as the pulse and distribution channel for the series, @FollowingBoston has become the hottest hub in Boston quickly approaching 25k followers, and more than 200k images tagged #FollowingBoston by hopefuls looking to have their photos featured… or perhaps to be selected to host an upcoming episode.



Michael Kalish (Creator/Producer)
Kenton Van Natten (Editor)
Douglas Gordon, Grace Deacon, Alex Enman, Skoty Rea (Cinematographers)
Oscar Alvarez, Jason Cooper, Chris Rocco, Debbie Poutsiaka, Neha Singh, Sam Swan, Nicole Schiarizzi, Kristi Perry, Heather Wahlers, Susan Flaherty, Brian Epstein, Jason Benjamin, and Whitney Otte (Production Assistants)

Episode 20: Jonathan Ulman + The Arcitype (Music)
Episode 21: Nancy Cheung (Co-Producer)
Episode 22: Phearee Sak (Co-Producer)

Episode 1: Oscar Alvarez
Episode 2: Ann Jiang
Episode 3: Evan Beauvais
Episode 4: Kathryn Riley
Episode 5: Danyson “Dee” Tavares
Episode 6: Jules Lesinski
Episode 7: Chris Rocco
Episode 8: Kiana Gibson
Episode 9: Curtis Reid
Episode 10: Joy Clark
Episode 11: Greg Dubois
Episode 12: Sally Cooper
Episode 13: James Berkeley
Episode 14: Saili Kline
Episode 15: Juan Murray
Episode 16: Erin DeFuria
Episode 17: Akshay Kokil
Episode 18: Andrea Fanelli
Episode 19: Michael Kalish
Episode 20: Hailey Carlson
Episode 21: Kevin O'Leary
Episode 22: Amber Namery
Episode 23: Mark Elzey
Episode 24: TBA
Episode 25: TBA